Diesel generator failure due to fuel-related causes is a major concern for those with mission critical business operations. It is well known that bad fuel is the main cause of generator failure. Unfortunately, it commonly occurs when fuel supply is most scarce and proper functioning of emergency power systems is most critical.

ESI Total Fuel Management’s mission is to eliminate diesel generator failure due to fuel-related causes and we accomplish our mission through our Fuel Security™ program.

Fuel Security™ means your mission critical business operations will have a reliable supply of diesel fuel and working equipment when you need it the most. If you depend on diesel fuel quality for business continuity planning and operations, you are aware you need a reliable fuel supply and functioning equipment at all times. Especially, when fuel supply is most scarce and proper functioning of emergency power systems is most critical.

Fuel Security™ has three elements:

  • Equipment Engineering, Design & Manufacture
  • Reliability Testing & Analysis
  • Fuel Sourcing, Delivery & Planning

ESI Total Fuel Management meets all three of these elements through its two operating companies:

  • ESI Total Fuel Management – performs engineering, design and manufacturing of new fuel oil pumping and filtration equipment including turn‐key prefabricated buildings and urea pumping systems.
  • Total Fuel Management Services – provides reliable fuel sourcing, transport and diesel fuel delivery, and reliable functioning of equipment thru fuel testing, analysis and reporting, field services including single point failure/best practices gap analysis, filtration equipment maintenance and related tank gauging systems, and specialized engineered mechanical solutions to non‐functional leaky fuel oil piping.

Although each branch can operate independently, ESI’s innovative Fuel Security business model executed thru its family of companies is a “market disruptor.” No other company addresses the entire life‐cycle of diesel fuel, from the supply terminal to the generator injector, to ensure zero fuel‐related failures in mission critical business operations.

ESI Total Fuel Management is the proven industry expert in reliable diesel fuel filtration and life-cycle risk management, providing effective Diesel Fuel Quality Systems Management to diesel generator critical power systems worldwide. ESI is the first and only company to address both internal and external risks throughout the diesel fuel life-cycle while including diesel fuel access and delivery as a standard competency.

In addition to maintaining quality diesel fuel and providing secure diesel fuel delivery through a nationwide network of suppliers, ESI also manufactures the ESI Clean Fuel System™, a patented standard in fuel polishing design which revolutionized the critical power and marine industries.

In 2005, during Hurricane Katrina, ESI Total Fuel Management delivered over 1 million gallons of emergency diesel fuel to government, private and commercial customers when other providers could not.

It is comforting to know that ESI's Modular Fuel Management System (MFMS) is designed, engineered, manufactured, and backed by ESI’s team of fuel logistics experts with more than 75 years of combined industry experience. In addition, ESI commissions and services the installed equipment with factory personnel.

Global Fuel Management

ESI diesel fuel management systems globalESI is an international company, headquartered in Ashburn, VA, embedded in Loudoun County’s “datacenter alley”, the world’s epicenter for data center operations and internet traffic. ESI delivers on its innovative Fuel Security model in key data center markets across the US. Internationally, ESI, GmbH maintains two offices in Germany for equipment sales and turn‐key installations within the European Union. ESI has distribution partners for other international business.

Through its global positioning, ESI can uniquely meet the needs of multi‐national firms by enabling consistency in facility design, ensuring the same level of fuel quality and generator reliability even in countries where fuel quality is a risk.

Trading in 18 countries, ESI’s customers range geographically from mainland China to North America to Europe to the Middle East.

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