iFUEL™ Diesel Consumption Monitoring System with Data Collection Analysis

iFuel Diesel Fuel Flow Meter with Data Collection and Data AnalysisiFUEL consumption monitoring system tracks and reports engine supply & return flow rates to give instantaneous consumption rates while performing data collection and analytics. It is one component of ESI’s Ecosystem™; significantly enhancing fuel management and reporting capabilities.  iFUEL empowers facility managers to make informed decisions and maintain peak operating system performance prior to, during, and after an emergency event.

iFUEL Highlights:

  • Multi-function Consumption Monitoring System with consolidation of components on a tight foot print frame and is delivered fully assembled, programmed and calibrated.
  • Stand alone units capable of network communication via Modbus.
  • Optional central data management system tracks, logs, and displays all consumption information from each consumption monitor in one location with customizable reporting capabilities.
  • Enables full compliance with all consumption reporting requirements for Federal and Local air quality permits. (i.e., NOx emmision reporting, etc.)
  • 7 point calibration process ensures high accuracy across full engine load range.
  • Positive displacement flow meter design with temperature compensation eliminates inaccuracies created by vibration, viscosity, temperature and flow pulsation.
  • Installation Kit includes all required hoses and fittings

Information the Local Controller Tracks and Reports:

  • Engine Supply and Return Flow Rates
  • Engine Supply and Return Fuel Temperature
  • Engine Supply and Return Flow Pulsation
  • Instantaneous Consumption Rate
  • Non Resettable totals for: Consumption, Supply Flow, and Return Flow
  • Accuracy Verification: 3 years or 300 hours
Maximum Engine Supply Flow Rate: 10 GPM
Minimum Engine Return Flow Rate: 3 GPM
Power Requirements 24 VDC; 2 A
Controller Local Controller with Read Out/
Network Compatible via Modbus
Configuration Free-standing
Material / Finish Aluminum Body Meters; Powder Coated Steel  Frame
Dimensions (L x W x H, Inches / mm) 12” Deep:  8” Wide’ 36” Tall

iFuel Diesel Fuel Flow Meter with Data Collection and Data Analysis

iFuel Diesel Fuel Flow Meter with Data Collection Analysis