Redundant Primary Filter Set (RPFS)

Generator Diesel Fuel Filtration – Maximum Up-time

Facilitate Continuous Operation, Minimize Risk, and
Maintain Continuity of Mission-Critical Loads

ESI Redundant Primary Filter Set (RPFS) is designed for pressure or vacuum side application to be between the storage tank and the day tank or provide filtration from the day tank directly to the engine. The static pressure should not exceed 90 PSI. Factory setting for the filters is 15 PSID. The filter-set is designed to allow the operator to easily switch-over between single, large capacity filter housings, enabling a switch from a single clogging filter to a single new filter without interrupting day tank filling.

This facilitates continuous operation and minimizes risk to continuity of mission-critical loads. The filter-set is a fully assembled, bulkhead mounted, “plug and play unit.”

An optional remote monitoring package is included with this model. Operational conditions monitored include separated water level in each filter, as well as the flow-restriction/clogging level (PSID) of the active filter. Dry contacts are provided for interface with the BAS. The remote monitoring package is operated on 24VDC.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION:RPFS Control Box, Diesel Fuel Filtration

The RPS-6-16-R-RM-DP-MS filter-set is an open, bulkhead mounted design suitable for installation inside a weatherproof enclosure, or in a weather-protected engine or mechanical room. The filter-set is designed for primary filtration of No. 2 diesel fuel and has a maximum clean filter flow rate of 600 GPH.

Filter-set monitoring: dry contacts for remote monitoring for Clogged Filter and Water Level of the active filter. Also equipped with local digital PSID gauge with programmable set-point switch and local high water level indicator on sensor interface box.

  • Incoming power requirements for the optional remote monitoring package are: 24 VDC, 5A service.