Diesel Storage Tank Fill System

iPORT™ simplifies fuel delivery operations while enhancing a facility’s remote diesel fuel offloading capabilities of above ground fuel storage tanks. The system accepts fuel from fuel delivery trucks with or without an on-board pump, minimizes fuel spillage during the offloading process, and allows for easy isolation of the fuel pumps.

The diesel storage tank fill system also includes auto closing of tank isolation valve(s) after stoppage of filling operation or reaching 90% tank capacity. Positive displacement flow meter included on system for custody transfer applications requiring weights and measures approved accuracy to fit your diesel fuel supply and fuel storage requirements.


  • Transport Truck (w/o onboard pump) 4” male cam-lock
  • Pump Truck (w/ onboard pump) 2” male cam-lock

An innovative diesel storage tank fill system, the iPORT is one component of ESI’s Ecosystem.

ESI Ecosystem - Innovation by ESIData center operators and mission critical facility managers located in Data Center Alley (Loudoun County, VA), as well as worldwide, are deploying ESI’s Ecosystem approach. It is an approach that has disrupted and transformed the fuel management industry with products such as the iTANK, iFUEL, and Clean Fuel System (CFS). The benefits include: comprehensive solution, fewer vendors, fewer procurement hassles, and lower overall costs.

The success of ESI’s Ecosystem approach is a result of innovative product design and development of engineered client solutions during decades of hands-on experience at facilities with mission critical operations.

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