Mission & Values

Our Mission

Fuel management

ESI demonstrated its commitment to customer oriented risk solutions during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

To protect our customers and their assets by eliminating all internal and external fuel-related threats to diesel engines and stand-by critical power operations.


A core principle of our business is to have a servant heart philosophy. To us that means our needs are met through meeting the needs of others.  Our desire is to come alongside our customers in partnership, bringing our expertise to the team, and working together in support of the success of their business objectives.

We are committed to our customers and to crafting the most reliable diesel fuel polishing systems in the world by continually evolving our products through engineered innovation and ongoing training of end-users, dealers and installers. Because of their guaranteed ability to prevent diesel engine failure due to fuel-related contamination, our products are leveraged widely throughout the marine yachting and trawling markets. Because of our commitment to ongoing innovation, ESI has also become the specified choice of consulting engineers on such critical power infrastructure deployments as data center construction, Homeland Security, and municipal infrastructures.

In short, wherever a diesel fuel-related failure threatens assets, lives, operations or commerce, ESI systems are the engineered choice. Because of our impeccable track record of zero fuel-related failures in over two decades, we are the go-to industry leaders in reliability, caring for customers and the environment so that life can continue uninterrupted. We treat our customers the way we ourselves would like to be treated and incorporate the love and guidance of Christ into every aspect of our products and our business operations.

The ESI Story
Through our relentless focus on standby power reliability, we have committed ourselves to be the innovative leaders and responsible industry experts in proven, engineered diesel fuel management systems for standby diesel power generators and marine diesel power. ESI innovates and ESI’s Ecosystem approach has disrupted and transformed the fuel management industry and you benefit: comprehensive solution, fewer vendors, fewer procurement hassles, and lower overall costs.

For example, our patented Clean Fuel Systems™ boast unprecedented N+3 reliability and are the only 100% leak-proof systems guaranteed by a third party. As the innovator of total fuel management systems for mission critical facilities, ESI is recognized for its innovative products, process and industry expertise, eliminating diesel  engine and generator failure through comprehensive diesel fuel quality systems management.