Urea System

Unmatched in our industry, the Urea Mixing and Distribution System is an innovative urea management solution designed and manufactured by ESI.

This urea system allows for urea on demand that you control without long lead times and load scheduling hassles.

Ease of installation is achieved given all urea system equipment is pre-installed (mechanical and electrical) on a pre-fabricated modular frame system. The urea storage tank, mixing tank, water filtration and dry good handling systems are designed to break down (ISO container shipping). This feature allows the urea system to be reassembled onsite with minimal effort.

Known as a market disrupter, this system is one component in ESI’s Ecosystem that provides data center business managers and facility operators unprecedented risk reduction, as well as operational and financial benefits. Peace of mind that you can control your own urea supply and quality onsite. Additional benefits of the urea system include:

  • Assurance that urea will be available to each generator during an outage event; when you need it the most
  • No frantic urea deliveries to worry about and no more manual re-filling of individual urea tanks with ESI’s Ecosystem solution
  • Monitors urea quality to ensure urea performance and cleanliness
  • Effortlessly maintain compliance with local, state, and federal environmental reporting requirements and reduce the potential for violations, infractions, and fines while protecting your brand’s reputation
  • Whether new construction or retro-fit, the system is modular and scalable to meet your site’s current and future urea supply needs, cost-effectively. For example, adding a new generator to the urea system is easily accomplished.

Urea Pumping System

  • The Urea Pumping System is an enclosed, pad mounted design suitable for installation outdoors in non- weather protected applications. The pumping system is designed for constant pressure delivery of urea at variable flow with a maximum of 5 GPM.
  • The control package is a custom designed for ALC controls and facility integration. Has an incoming power requirements for all operation: 208VAC; 60 Hz; 3 Ph; 40A; 4-wire.

Urea Storage

  • There are several options available to you for urea storage. ESI will design and manufacture your urea storage system based on your facility capacity and your specific needs.
  • For example, one facility may be best served using rack-based urea storage. For certain other facilities, a more appropriate solution may be an AST or UST storage tank design.

The products and processes developed by ESI are focused on providing our clients with the utmost safety and security while managing the cost of ownership.  Our systems are designed to meet and exceed all industry specifications.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like more information pertaining to ESI’s advanced Urea System or related products that maximize uptime.

Architects & Engineers

A complete set of datasheets, drawings, and specifications are available to assist you with your project. ESI’s experience with mission critical systems is extensive and we understand you need reliable solutions and information in a timely manner.


ESI’s factory personnel with extensive system knowledge and fuel management experience commission and service the installed equipment.

Maintain, manage, and analyze the performance of your facilities throughout your organization (worldwide) using data that is collected and formatted in a consistent, cost-saving manner using ESI’s Ecosystem solutions (contact us for details).

Urea Pumping Systemurea system - urea mixing and distribution on demand to each generator

Urea Storage
Urea system - storage rack - ESI(several options available)

It’s comforting to know this automated system is designed, engineered, manufactured, and serviced by ESI’s team of fuel logistics experts with more than 75 years of combined experience in the fuel industry.