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ESI Ecosystem - Innovation by ESIGenerator failure can cost significant power downtime for mission critical systems and major financial loss to your organization.  ESI Total Fuel Management provides an ecosystem of engineered solutions for protecting your business from disruption and ensures the continuation of mission critical operations.  Our logistical approach to a secure, managed fuel supply and  years of industry leading expertise in fuel polishing design and fuel management services provides your organization with reliable fuel security and maximum uptime.

Redundant Primary Filtration System (RPFS™)

Designed for pressure or vacuum side application to be between the storage tank and the day tank or provide filtration from the day tank directly to the engine.

Clean Fuel System (CFS)™

Diesel fuel management solution that ensures fuel quality throughout your facility effectively eliminating contamination problems caused by water, particulate and microbial growth. Holds patent US6,596,174 B1 for the fully integrated fuel polishing system. It is turn-key, fully automated, fuel filtration system factory installed in a purpose-built, walk-in equipment enclosure.

Modular Fuel Management System™ (MFMS)

Diesel fuel management system which manages diesel fuel quality, generator supply distribution, across all tankage including bulk storage, sub-base/ day tanks throughout the facility.


Consumption Monitoring System with diesel fuel flow meters that provide actual fuel consumption for “fuel-based” verses “hour-based” for air quality permitting.


A diesel fuel storage tank fill system, the iPORT enables fuel delivery operations while enhancing a facility’s remote diesel fuel offloading capabilities. The system accepts fuel from fuel delivery trucks with or without an onboard pump, minimizes fuel spillage during the offloading process, and allows for easy isolation of the fuel pumps.


A significant advancement in day-tank engineering design, ESI’s iTANK protects mission critical operations 24/7 from diesel fuel related generator failures and data center disasters. The system maximizes your data center uptime. It saves you time as well as procurement and installation hassles. Completely assembled and fully tested before it arrives at your site, iTANK is a unique day-tank solution offered exclusively by ESI. Factory built, it is guaranteed leak-proof for more than one reason.

Urea Distribution System

Designed to provide generator urea dosing equipment with a constant pressure urea supply at any consumption rate from 0 to 5 GPM. Fail safe design ensures a constant discharge pressure to the building urea system header through a 25 to 75 PSI adjustable pressure regulator.


A secure connection to ESI’s data management service , iPORTAL™ provides mission critical facility managers and corporate executives with real-time access to fuel management data, analytics and environmental reports. Components of ESI’s factory built, fuel management products communicate through a connected network (ESI’s Ecosystem); an innovative system that enables facility managers to make informed decisions on facility operations, maintenance, and performance 24/7.

Marine Solutions

Clean Fuel System™ provides safety and security each time you leave shore by protecting against water, microbes, and sediment.

Emergency Fuel Delivery

In need of a diesel fuel delivery?

Call ESI Total Fuel Management …WE DELIVER FUEL IMMEDIATELY. Phone: (703) 263-7600 and press #8


Clean Fuel Systems™ for Marine

Our original, patented Clean Fuel System™ has been the engineered choice for yacht owners for over 15 years and is now standard equipment or a standard option with 20 yacht builders. Our experienced, degreed engineers and marine industry veterans can help you customize any installation and fulfill engine room design for installers. Our “packaged-system” approach combines unique-in-class components that actively and continuously attack and eliminate the three elements of fuel contamination: water, microbes (or “bugs”) and sediment. For instance, our filtration system is not just a filter, but a specially-housed, pleated device that filters down to an industry-leading 2 microns. Our separation vessel separates rather than absorbs water, eliminating 99.9% of water in the system and readying the waste for clean removal. And our advanced De-bug™ magnetic array permanently removes yeast, algae, fungi and other organisms in a way that is both highly effective and environmentally friendly (no chemical biocides). A continuous-duty, high flow pump agitates tank contaminants, allowing them no place to hide in our system.

The CFS-1000 SERIES offers a wide range of benefits to your vessel.


Even the cleanest, most refined fuels operating new engines contain hydrocarbons which form agglomerations of gums, resins, and carbon during combustion. This leads to engine problems, less power and fuel efficiency, and engine wear and breakdowns.

ESI provides a product which prevents this buildup from occurring. PRI-D, developed by Power Research Inc., works effectively with the ESI Clean Fuel System to inhibit carbon deposits, remove slime and sludge, stabilize fuel and extend its storage life, and prevent tank erosion. In addition, the engine exerts more power more efficiently, and with less smoke.

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System Components

ESI systems contain the highest quality components for added reliability. From hoses to fittings and Racor components, ESI provides the appropriate components for your fuel system. Each component has undergone lab testing to ensure reliability.

Complementing the ESI Clean Fuel System is the De-bug component, an environmentally safe (no biocides) multi-magnet array, which destroys microorganisms that plague stored diesel fuel. De-bug improves fuel system reliability and performance safely and effectively while reducing maintenance costs.

ESI researches and tests each component and system we recommend. To qualify for the ESI Engineering Approved seal, components and systems must meet high quality performance standards. esi-sealThis gives you confidence, knowing that your system is equipped with the best, most reliable components.



Engine Room Design

Custom marine vessels require custom-fitted solutions, and ESI once again leads the industry in designing engine rooms that effectively house an ESI Clean Fuel System without compromising the ocean trawler’s architectural appeal. We meet with you about designing the engine room, and we offer the best fuel management solution for you to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and reliability.

ESI is the power behind reliable fuel, and the mastermind behind efficient engine room design.  If you have any questions, comments or to discuss your fuel system installation needs, please contact ESI Total Fuel Management