Alexander C. MarcusAlexander Marcus | ESI Total Fuel Management

  • Founder and Managing Director, ESI Total Fuel Management
  • Vice President, Total Fuel Management Services, Inc.
  • Geschäftsführer, ESI Environmental Solutions Deutschland, GmbH


Charlotte Marcus | ESI Total Fuel Management

Charlotte M. Marcus


  • Internationally recognized fuel management expert specializing in critical power fuel system management support for data centers across multiple industries
  • Serves fuel management needs for clients in the communications, financial, and healthcare markets, as well as municipal utilities and military installations.
  • Unique expertise in critical power infrastructure support focused on key supply chain systems and inputs that provide diesel fuel, fuel testing, fuel equipment, servicing, and emergency response services.
  • ESI team leader that helps assure fail-safe  generator reliability for customers – a key to protecting lives and assets.
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Andrew R. Holmberg

  • Manager, Product Engineering & Field Services
  • Mechanical Engineer


  • Total fuel management: fuel management processes & equipment, fuel quality, and overall fuel system performance
  • Lowering our customers’ long-term operating costs as well as their risk of system failure at critical times
  • Mission critical power fuel system management: maintain data center installations; municipal utility infrastructure, health care centers, military installations, large financial institutions, and other large scale operations where fail-safe reliability is key to protecting lives and assets
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ESI Total Fuel Management

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