The Engineered Choice

As a technology leader in the Fuel Polishing industry, ESI Total Fuel Management is focused on continuous innovation and product improvement. Our product engineers are committed to maintaining our industry-leading quality position by ensuring that our products exceed every industry benchmark in diesel fuel system management. Our patented technology and generations of products and service experience are recognized throughout the industry for automatically eliminating water, bugs and sediment from diesel fuel systems…reducing risks and costs dramatically.

ESI Clean Fuel System™

ESI holds the patent US6,596,174 B1 for the fully integrated fuel polishing system. This patented system effectively eliminates contamination problems caused by water, particulate and microbial growth.

Select a component below to learn more about why an ESI Clean Fuel System™ is the market choice:

Filter Vessel
Microbial Decontamination
Flow Meter
Tank Valves
Control Panel
Automatic Water Drain System

The products and processes developed by ESI are focused on providing our clients with the utmost safety and security while managing the cost of ownership. Our systems are designed to meet and exceed all industry specifications as we offer the only 100% Guaranteed LEAK-PROOF design.