Green Solutions

ESI offers a reliable, responsible choice for green data centers and all critical power applications

At ESI, environmental responsibility is not a marketing gimic, it’s a company value. In order for reliable fuel system performance to occur 100% of the time, several key areas at risk for contamination must be eliminated: one area deals with contaminants in the system and the second area deals with contaminants (as waste) exiting the system. ESI’s patented Clean Fuel System™ eliminates contamination in all of these areas through advanced product engineering designed to reduce environmental impacts, cut costs, and prevent fuel spills.


ESI’s Clean Fuel System™: The Economically Green Choice


Innovative Product Design

Responsible Innovation

Reliable Engineering

Each Clean Fuel System™ contains a multi-magnet decontamination array to destroy diesel fuel microbes that may eventually condense to form engine-killing sludge. This market-leading innovation has 25 years of proven experience on the market and eliminates the need for toxic chemical biocides, which are proven harmful to the environment and are inherently dangerous for human handling. In addition, each system is certified leak-proof by Parker Hannifin, an industry leader in motion and control technologies.  We have taken every engineering precaution to prevent fuel leaks into the environment and to ensure that our testing services help you remain in compliance with ever-tightening regulatory and emissions standards. One key dilemma for businesses today resides in the tipping point between ethical responsibility (what we would all like to do) and practical, financial viability. Unfortunately, the will to do the right thing for our planet does not always translate into action that is appropriately incentivized for U.S. businesses. At ESI Total Fuel Management, our team has made green investment decision-making very clear with respect to diesel fuel management by successfully converting our product development and engineering efforts into economically green deployment for customers in marine, infrastructure, defense and data center applications. Installing ESI systems are not only the right thing to do, but it could mean saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business. ESI systems employ highly accurate, volume-based flow monitoring which ensures that the filtration media’s water saturation point does not exceed critical parameters that threaten fuel system reliability.  ESI’s Clean Fuel Systems™ continually “separate” water from fuel (rather than absorbing the water) and automatically trigger the clean removal of water from the fuel system. The separated water is transferred cleanly into a sealed waste storage barrel by way of a completely closed transfer system, then is removed from the site and disposed by way of a licensed contracting company (such as Safety-Kleen). Overall, ESI’s un-matched quality design requires far less maintenance and less used part disposal into our landfills.


Can green solutions also save money?

If you are not using one of ESI’s guaranteed leak-proof designs, the water in your diesel fuel is most likely being absorbed by filters (not separated), increasing the need for filter changes. For example, a set of two 50,000 gallon diesel storage tanks with just .25% water contamination could require 1,000 filter changes annually. Not only would 1,000 filter changes cost approximately $50,000 annually (vs. only approximately $850 with ESI removal), but also contribute significantly to adverse environmental impacts given the disposal of 1,000 fuel-saturated filters into the environment.learn_more