Critical Power Solutions

It is well known that the vast majority (~ 90%) of all diesel generator failures are fuel related.  Fuel related generator failures are not an option when you are managing mission critical power systems.  ESI Total Fuel Management delivers comprehensive fuel quality assurance services for backup and critical power systems such as data warehouses, internet providers, health care facilities, hotels, office complexes and other enterprises that cannot risk even a momentary interruption in power.

The first complete program of its kind, ESI engineers assess, equip for peak performance, and maintain fuel systems vital to power equipment operations.  ESI customizes programs for each client, incorporating elements such as:

Fuel Supply & Security

  • High Quality Diesel Fuel Supply
  • Emergency Delivery and Allocation Planning

Industry Experts In Quality Diesel Fuel Supply & Delivery

ESI manages all aspects of your fuel system and fuel supply to guarantee engine reliability by ensuring a quality supply chain and best practices gained through over 75 years of industry experience:

  • Premium low sulfur diesel fuel <0.05% sulfur content (undyed on-road), exceeds ASTM D-975 specification (highest quality available in local market)
  • Assurance that all fuel deliveries comply with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) permit requirements
  • 24 x 7 delivery capability (even in times of disaster)
  • Preferred pricing
  • Quality assured delivery vehicles
  • Experienced delivery personnel & handling practices
  • Managed sources of supply with emergency delivery & allocation planning
  • Annual supplier terminal and equipment audit
  • Single point of contact ordering (24×7 hours)
  • Managed dispatch and delivery

Fuel Quality & Fuel Management Engineering

Do you know the quality of the diesel fuel going into your system? Reliable, quality fuel entering a fuel system is the baseline of fuel security and emergency engagement. However, an entire chain of threats are imminent to your fuel system and your fuel supply chain, starting from the tank farm and continuing all the way to the delivery truck and ultimately your engine.

As part of Total Fuel Management, we administer Fuel Security and Fuel Reliability assessments, which help facilities, and organizations, evaluate and eliminate the risk of contaminants to fuel quality. A hallmark of our engineered reliability process is the assignment of degreed engineers who are dedicated to managing any of our installed Clean Fuel Systems™ in marine or critical power environments.

As industry experts in fuel reliability, we are called upon to solve the most complex problems in fuel quality for data centers and facilities. Frequently, these requests come from facility managers and power generation companies who are plagued with the cascading problems caused by legacy processes. These legacy processes are sold by filtration providers and “polishing” companies who sell inferior “maintenance” additives or filtration systems to organizations that demand a higher valuation of risk.  A key differentiator of the ESI quality management process is our willingness to transfer the total fuel quality risk to our care.


Fuel Quality

  • Facility Assessment & Failure Analysis
  • Personnel Training

Though the maintenance of ESI filtration equipment is minimal, it is necessary to perform routine maintenance for added reliability. ESI provides these services, so that you can stay focused on your business or mission. You can consider ESI part of your maintenance team for the life of the fuel filtration system. Quality, reliability, and expertise comprise our maintenance services and products.

ESI is the ONLY company in the industry that services fuel polishing equipment.  We service our own equipment as well as that of our competitors.  Because of our industry knowledge and product superiority, we can maintain any fuel polishing equipment to the highest standards of quality.

ESI secures your diesel fuel investment:

  • Engineered solutions designed to fit your specific needs and facility dimensions
  • Professional consulting on your ESI Clean Fuel System
  • Engineers on call to answer questions or consult with on site personnel
  • Fuel testing conducted regularly on all fuel entering or within the system
  • Regular maintenance of system parts and components
  • Training of all key personnel by experienced staff


Fuel Reliability Reporting

  • File maintenance for compliance with DEQ
  • Maintenance of purchase/volume data and reporting

Critical power operations have no room for failure. How do you know how close you are to failure? ESI’s facility assessment and failure analysis provides the answers. ESI protects the integrity of your diesel fuel investment:

  • File maintenance for compliance with DEQ for each facility
  • Maintainance of purchase/volume historical data and provide reports for each facility
  • Consolidation of delivery invoices to reduce A/P administrative burden


With ESI, there is no danger of a power disruption from fuel-related system breakdowns.  Our engineers are leaders in the market of design and implementation with many industry firsts.  Learn how an ESI designed and maintained Critical Power solution can provide you peace of mind by contacting an ESI Engineer.