ESI Total Fuel Management recognized early on mission critical industries would require on-demand diesel generator power to offer a level of connectivity, redundancy, security, and efficiency to ensure reliability to their customers.

From the beginning, ESI Total Fuel Management has integrated a framework of innovation resilience into its capabilities, allowing it to succeed in the face of disruptions.

Operational and Infrastructure Resiliency

  • ESI operations and business processes incorporate cloud-based applications providing flexibility for team members to perform essential procedures on site with clients, no matter the location.
  • Access to the 1-95 corridor, rail transit and 16 airports gives ESI the ability to quickly serve not just data center locations on the East Coast, but those located all over the United States and abroad.
  • Redundancies are built into the ESI technology framework ensuring it is “business as usual” notwithstanding interruptions of any kind.
  • ESI headquarters are explicitly located in Ashburn, Virginia due to the low probability and risk of natural disasters occurring to impact business continuity.

Supply Chain Resiliency

  • Participation in the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s (VEDP) Supply Chain Optimization program has given ESI the agility to successfully pivot to new channels when incumbent suppliers’ capabilities are threatened.
  • ESI is now positioned with goods and inventory to meet current product demands, moving from just-in time to a more traditional inventory model.
  • With speed to market more important than ever, ESI’s continued supply chain resiliency means zero delays in providing goods and services.

Customer Resiliency

  • Expertise in technology and mechanical resiliency is experienced firsthand through its innovative no-fail fuel management systems
  • ESI engineers design resiliency into the processes and systems of each product and service sold
  • Rigorous ongoing testing of systems and products guarantees the exacting level of reliability required of mission critical equipment.
  • All of ESI’s products and services are constructed in compliance with all applicable permitting agencies.