Andrew R. Holmberg


  • Manager, Product Engineering & Field Services
  • Mechanical Engineer


  • Total fuel management: fuel management processes & equipment, fuel quality, and overall fuel system performance
  • Lowering our customers’ long-term operating costs as well as their risk of system failure at critical times
  • Mission critical power fuel system management: maintain data center installations; municipal utility infrastructure, health care centers, military installations, large financial institutions, and other large scale operations where fail-safe reliability is key to protecting lives and assets


Andrew Holmberg is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 12 years of practical, hands-on field experience in the fuel management industry. At ESI, he is actively involved with the development of advanced, disruptive fuel management technologies that are unmatched in our industry.

He has more than 10 years of experience programming PLC’s and UL508A industrial control panel trained. Currently, he is actively providing on-site fuel management services to large data center facilities located in Ashburn, Virginia, as well as facilities located throughout the world.

Andrew has gained extensive experience with fuel operations & equipment, as well as procedures and policies. Additionally, he is fully qualified and field tested in setting-up maintenance programs, identifying potential problems with fuel systems developed and installed by others, and providing highly technical solutions based on his on-site observations.

Throughout the world, Andrew, along with ESI’s engineered approach to fuel management, is meeting and exceeding client expectations through the implementation of processes that commonly predict potential system issues before break-downs occur. He actively implements engineered solutions that improve system performance, cut long-term costs, and lower the risk of costly outages at data centers here in Loudoun County, and across the global genset industry.

ESI Total Fuel Management