Filter Vessel


Risk Mitigation/Advantage

filter_vessel_small ASME 245 PSI code-stamped pressure vessels

Application Protection

  • Certified to prevent leaks in pressure and vacuum applications
Aviation quality pleated media filtration to 1 micron absolute

Protects Engine Parts

  • Removes contaminants before they enter the engine supply system
Three-stage filtration in one housing

Filtration Efficiency

  • 3 in 1 vs. separate filters to maintain
Water separation of free and emulsified water Removes Water Blended Together with Fuel
Water separation vs. water absorption

Reduced Maintenance Hassle and Costs

  • Separated water is drained vs. replacing elements
Water separation to 4ppm

Protects Investments in Fuel & Equipment

  • Prevent water buildup in fuel storage tanks
Top loading elements

Minimizes Risk

  • Less chance of fuel spills during element replacement